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Welcome to FitSteps with Vicki


 F A Q

What should I wear?
Wear what you feel comfortable in, like aerobic gym clothing ó bear in mind that you may get hot!
Comfortable footwear is essential, such as dance or sports trainers.
Please bring a water bottle to keep hydrated! You may want to bring a small towel as well!

Do I need to be able to dance?
No. All the classes are suitable for everyone from complete beginner through to expert.
We will learn the steps together and then incorporate them into dance exercise routines.
Everyone is very welcome even if you do think you have two left feet!

Do I have to be really fit?
No. The dances are designed so you can take each one at your own pace.
Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Who are the classes aimed at?
Everyone! Whether you are an avid exerciser who would like to spice up your current fitness routine or
you are rejoining the fitness scene after a break, or you just enjoy music and like to dance,
these classes are for you! Just be yourself, have fun, lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape!

Do I need a dance partner?
No, each routine is danced all together as a group, without the need for partners.
However, classes can be even more fun if you bring a friend or two!

Are there any age restrictions?
My classes are for anyone over the age of 16.
There is no upper age limit, there are people in their 60s, 70s and 80s who take part regularly.

What if I canít follow the steps?
Don't worry if you can't follow all the steps straight away, you will soon pick them up.
Just follow me, have fun and keep moving. As long as you are moving, you are working!
Just dance a little, laugh a little and have lots of fun!

Do I have to book in advance?
During the current Government Covid Guidelines, you do have to book for face to face classes, but usually you do not.
For Zoom classes, there is no need to let us know in advance.

Do I need to commit to a certain number of weeks?
Not at all, but you may become addicted! All classes are pay as you go in cash.

How much does it cost?
All FitSteps face to face classes are £6. Zoom classes are £4. FitSteps FAB classes are £5.
I also offer loyalty cards for the FitSteps face to face and Zoom classes but not the FAB classes.
Every time you have been and paid for 11 classes, you get your 12th class free!

How long is each class?
Each class is one hour.